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World Social Work Day, 15 March 2022


We live in a bizarre world that is constantly changing. While thousands fall into a country demarcated below poverty lines, the world's top ten wealthiest men appeared to have more than doubled their fortunes during the epidemic. 'Davos Man: How the Billionaires Destroyed the World,' a book written by New York Times reporter Peter Goodman, explored how the ultra-rich are responsible for things like climate change, violence, and the collapse of democracy. Social workers seem to go along with fixing the society and reach the last impoverished man on the planet, unmindful of what appears to happen to resources.   The following is a report on the topics that were discussed at a meeting of social workers from around the world on 15 March 2022, which the Brisbane Institute of Strengths-Based Practice organised. Journal Space and Culture, India was also a part of this endeavour. There were nearly one hundred social workers attending the conference and a few thousand through other social media outlets.


Social Workers, World Social Work Day, Antyodaya, Reaching the Last Man



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