A Simple Stroke on Education in India

Dibyajyoti Mahanta

1-4 |


Special Articles

Intellectual Property Rights and the Ancient Indian Perspective

Janani Ganapathi, Venkat Pulla

15-24 |


Muga Industry—A Pride of Assam: An Estimation of Employment Generation, Kamrup District

Manisha Bhattacharyya, Chandrama Goswami

42-53 |


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in India: A Review

Neelmani Jaysawal, Sudeshna Saha

81-93 |

The Zakhring Community of Arunachal Pradesh: Notes on a Lost Tribe

Mridul Kumar Chakravorty

94-102 |

Publication Watch

Publication Watch

Rituparna Bhattacharyya

103-105 |