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Strong and Vibrant Social Sector is sine qua non for Social Development


As the largest country, India faces several social issues, and all governments— central or states, have supported several welfare and developmental programmes and schemes. Unfortunately, many of these programmes were politicised and resulted in politicising interest and farewell to welfare. As a result, the social sector expenditure has grown just 7.7% of the GDP between 2015 and 2019, and of the total 7.7% GDP expenditure, 3.1% went to education, 1.6% to healthcare and the rest to other social services segments. India has a large social sector compared to many other countries having around 3.9 million NGOs and a substantial social service workforce. While India has announced its vision 2030 to become and is poised to become a five trillion-dollar economy in the next five years, it needs to emphasise that a healthy, strong and vibrant social sector is essential necessity to ensure its citizens' quality of life and happiness.


Social Sector, Civil Society Sector, Social Development, Sustainable Development Goals, Social Service Workforce



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