This article considers the loan indicators in the Republic of Kazakhstan and defines promising areas for the development of project and leasing financing of alternative investment instruments in infrastructure projects. The results of the research demonstrate that on the financial market of the Republic of Kazakhstan the volume of bank credit falls and the availability of capital decreases, which stipulates the attraction of alternative sources of financing for infrastructure projects. Prospective mechanisms of investing in projects of this kind include projects and leasing financing. It is noted that currently, the Republic of Kazakhstan is successfully cooperating with international financial companies and multilateral development banks to attract financial resources to implement investment projects. In spite of the existing leasing development potential, this mechanism for financing infrastructure projects is not entirely used. Stimulation of demand for leasing programs by corporate clients, the development of subsidy programs or guarantees to suppliers to purchase equipment, the reduction of the cost of funding, the development and implementation of project financing programs on the basis of syndication of loans are singled out as promising directions for the further development of project and leasing financing mechanisms.