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Assessment of Development of Yuksom Gram Panchayat Unit in Sikkim using SWOT Model


SWOT model is a technique to appraise strategies for rural development. This study aims to apply this model to examine the development of Yuksom Gram Panchayat Unit (GPU) of West district of Sikkim, India. To accomplish this analysis, internal factor evaluation (IFE) matrix and external factor evaluation matrix (EFE) were prepared to identify the critical and less important factors for development. Finally, a framework for strategy has been formulated by linking ‘strength-opportunity’ (SO) and ‘weakness-threat’ (WT) aspects. Results show mountain environment sustainability as the most agreed one (SO) and on the other hand, implementation of ‘land bank scheme’ and microfinance (WT) as the alternate planning strategies for the development of the Yuksom area


SWOT Analysis; ‘Land Bank Scheme’; Microfinance; Sikkim



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