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An Inter-Block Level Analysis of Regional Disparity in the Youngest Alipurduar District of West Bengal


Alipurduar (also known as ‘Dooars’) was a subdivision of Jalpaiguri district before its emergence as the new 20th district of West Bengal on 25 June 2014. The districts of North Bengal (including Darjeeling, Jalpaiguri, Coochbehar, Uttar Dinajpur, Dakshin Dinajpur and Malda) have been poorly placed in comparison to the state of West Bengal, in terms of Human Development Indicators: low literacy level, poor condition in sanitation, and partly availability of electricity and safe drinking water (Report on Comparative Backwardness of North Bengal Region, Government of India, 2002).  Research on regional disparity is essential for addressing the lacuna in the planning process of development (Sen, 2001). In the present study, an analysis has been made in terms of the inter-block inequality in socio-economic and infrastructural development of Alipurduar district as a newly emerged region.


Dooars, North Bengal, Human Development, regional disparity, inter-block inequality


Author Biography

Koyel Sam

UGC-JRF Research Scholar

Dr. Namita Chakma

Assistant Professor, Department of Geography


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