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Harbouring Resilience and Hope: India’s Encounter with COVID


As India traverses its journey through the humongous COVID crisis, it has encountered the most distressing times. The two successive waves of the dreaded virus have wreaked havoc with the lives of people, causing surging infections, innumerable hospitalisations, and the most tragic loss of life. While the unprecedented economic and social disruptions caused by the contingency have been devastating for all, its most disproportionate impact has been borne by the impoverished and marginalised constituencies. Yet, amongst it all, the country and its people have demonstrated incredible grit and resolve to confront the odds. Compassion and camaraderie have prevailed, as the state and civil society have persevered to reach out in myriad ways to confront the disease and support those who have been impacted. Even though the crisis is far from over, and the imperative of extending the critical healing touch to scores of survivors takes centre space, hope abounds that India shall strive on and emerge stronger.


COVID-19, Pandemic, Resilience, Hope, Response, Civil Society, India



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