The article compares the dramatic works of the famous writers Slawomir Mrozek, Tadeusz Rozewicz and Sadykbek Adambekov, Kaltay Mukhamedzhanov in the aspect of Kazakh-Polish literary ties that have had a long history. The analysis is conducted taking into account the socio-political situation, which was formed in the 1960s-1980s and found its reflection in the plays written by these authors.

The authors emphasise that the influence of historical and social problems on the personality, moral-humanistic principles, etc. are interpreted not only by the course of action of the drama (conflicts of characters) but implemented by the psychology of the characters. The role of the characters’ language is taken into account, the similarity and difference in the thematic, artistic-ideological, compositional, and plot structure of the plays of Kazakh and Polish playwrights are determined, and their artistic skills in creating the system of images are identified.

Separate provisions of the article are reasoned by the conclusions and statements of well-known Anglo-American, Polish, Russian and Kazakh scientists, which can be found in their scientific-theoretical and scientific-methodical works concerning the problems of the study of artistic ties in the history of world literature.