Studies on gender diversities have always converged on the predicament of women in every field of life which requires much attention and compassion. There is, in fact, a broad domain of issues which need directions and resolutions in order to battle off the stereotypes and prejudices against woman especially at male-dominated fields. The workplace is one of them. Women at work-places worldwide, as researches detail, face numerous obstacles and barriers most typical being the gender biased barrier that restrict them to climb the ladder of success and height. The context in India is as much the same or worse. Discouragement, stereotyping, inequality are few of the many barriers, women face every day at Indian workplaces. Although the working patterns, sharing time with authorities, allotment of roles, among men and women do not differ still men are promoted. Men at workplaces are not affected by the hardships faced by the women as Indian culture is deeply rooted with a stereotyped mindset towards women. The concept of marriage, maternity and family obligations is assumed to be women’s only eminence and hence, considered to be one of the most significant barriers in contributing to organisational success. Neither family nor organisations support women to elevate their position, status and dignity at workplaces. This paper explores the theory of gender and gender discrimination at workplaces in the Indian context. The paper also delves into the types of gender barriers at workplaces in the Indian scenario that puts women into complicated situations. Further, the paper explores the battling techniques to break the gender barrier through competencies and essential skills.