The sufferings of women in any insurgency movement have been the focus of many women’s rights and human rights groups in present times. Studies have demonstrated that women have to suffer pain as mothers, sisters, daughters, caregivers and victims during conflict situation which has till date brought great destruction and despair among them. In the insurgency movements, women continue to struggle as a victim, as combatants, as peace-makers. However, despite being the worst victim, women also play the role of protector of women’s rights and human rights. There are many women’s organisations in Northeast India like Meira Paibi, Naga Mother’s Association, Bodo Women’s Justice Forum, which are playing an active role as peace activists. Under this background, the present paper will focus on the role of women’s organisations during different situations of insurgency movements in Northeast India. The paper will put special focus on the role of the two women’s organisations that is All Bodo Women’s Welfare Federation (ABWWF), Bodo Women’s Justice Forum (BWJF) in BTC (Bodoland Territorial Council Region) of Assam. BTC is one of the most conflict-affected regions in Assam. Several conflicts have occurred within the region such as ethnic conflicts, fratricidal conflicts, the movement for autonomy and others. The paper will explore the role of these organisations towards protecting the rights of women as well as in bringing peace in the region.